Meet the Team: Andy Prose - General Manager

Andy has been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years.  His career began working at his family owned hotel.  At the age of 19, he purchased his first restaurant.  Subsequent properties followed over the course of the next few years.    Most recently, Andy’s hotel experience was with the Holiday Inn in St. Cloud, MN as the Assistant of Director of Operations.  After 5 years Andy was introduced to Blue Sky Hospitality as a General Manager, soon transferred to the Regional Director of Operations, and most currently the Director of Operations at Little Crow Resort.  He was a part of the New London/Spicer project when the ideas were just ideas written on a cocktail napkin, and after years of planning and changing, he is excited for the property to open in the Summer of 2018.

Andy comes with a strong work ethic and believes in being a part of the team.  You will often see him in the role of  a dishwasher, bartender or housekeeper, as he believes in getting your hands dirty with your staff has its rewards and builds a strong team.  The key to this business is guest interaction, building relationships with your clients,  and listening to the guests for what they want and need.  The objective for Little Crow Resort is to give our clients an “experience” not just a visit.  Andy has created a  menu filled with uniquely traditional “Craft” food for both the Restaurant and Event Center.  Looking forward to sharing this project with New London/Spicer community.